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Instructor Onboarding


How can we make it easier for instructors to try our products?

At Pearson we faced challenges getting instructors to adopt our products for their classes, but we struggled to understand exactly what obstacles stood in their way. Through field visits on campus, extensive interviews with sales reps and instructors, and a survey, we were able to map the instructor experience and identify key pain points and opportunities for improvement in the process.

My role: UX Research, Journey Mapping Workshop Facilitation, Journey Map Creation


Field visits with sales reps

Since most instructors are introduced to our products through Pearson reps, I tagged along on sales calls with several different reps in my area so that I could observe first-hand the process of learning about and trying our products. A few key observations came out of these visits:

  1. Instructors are skeptical about switching to digital, and want to try out the product extensively themselves before giving it to their students.

  2. Instructors can easily become frustrated by course setup, and right now, there is no way for them to sample a product without setting up a course from scratch.

  3. Sales reps spend a lot of time and effort creating demo accounts and courses so that instructors can try out a new product.

Interviews and surveys

To round out the information from the field visits, I conducted interviews with instructors who have adopted our products and sales reps who helped instructors onboard to our products, coupled with a survey to understand the prevalence of the issues we were finding. It became clear that a huge pain point for both sales reps and instructors was the lack of ability to demo a product, and a vast majority of sales reps were spending time setting up instructor accounts, often to have the instructor decide not to adopt after all.


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Journey mapping workshop

After the initial research, I conducted a journey mapping workshop with our design team and a group of local sales reps to map out the sales process and identify opportunities to improve the process.

Instructor Onboarding Journey Map

I synthesized findings from all these research activities into a journey map. This was evangelized around the company, and our design team and product owners were able to hone their efforts for improving the instructor experience by focusing on creating demo courses and providing better unboxing solutions to new instructors.